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Sisters KTV at partyworld ♥ - ♥ my sweet momeries and my beautiful days ♥ [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
♥ Dawn's Blog ♥

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Sisters KTV at partyworld ♥ [Nov. 21st, 2008|08:36 pm]
♥ Dawn's Blog ♥

Just ended work

After work, i and my sis went to sing partyworld at yishun safra, which is last min decission.

In toilet and its 3am
Actually we took more photos with stupid and idiot looks.
But we both does not wan to pose it online.

We walk home and took some photos (:

Just a photo

That individual pose is my sis ...

My sis wanted to taje pic with bin. cuz has the same name " BIN " (: