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Shopping with dear at town ♥ - ♥ my sweet momeries and my beautiful days ♥ [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
♥ Dawn's Blog ♥

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Shopping with dear at town ♥ [Nov. 22nd, 2008|09:01 pm]
♥ Dawn's Blog ♥

Went to watch Beverly Hills ChiHuaHua
Wish to owe a chihuahua too. Nicole, the main dog was timid to brave.
She owns by a rich lady who pamper her alot. She live like how human live.
With spa and use a perfume called chanel no. 5 ect.
Puppy, sweet talker dog, and nicole ended up happily ever after.
Puppy love Nicole very deeply and rescue her from mexico which is very far away from beverly hills.
Nicole was touched and initiative to kiss Puppy.

In the pictures below, white colour fur in Nicole.


And the 4 rich chihuahua chatting beside their pool before swimming

After watching movie, we went to stroll along orchard.
So miss dear, now we only 1 week meet 1 day cuz he has attachment.
And every week i'll receive sweet kiss from him (:

A sweet kiss came from this big sweet ??

His fav drinks (:

After a day shopping with him, thats our today ends. Must wait to meet him, next sat.
Waited 1 day pass, is like waited 10 years.