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29th month annivesary ♥ - ♥ my sweet momeries and my beautiful days ♥ [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
♥ Dawn's Blog ♥

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29th month annivesary ♥ [May. 5th, 2009|10:28 pm]
♥ Dawn's Blog ♥

Today receive my dear 29th month msg, i feel so happy although i'm so tired with my work.
I love you more each day :)
he sms " lets us stay in happy in our 29th annivesary, i will love you and share all my happiness with you in the next 92 yrs  "
I hope my dear will knee down and propose to me 1 day, when we earn enough money.

Back to my work, well this job actually okok la. maybe just that i'm not use to it to work full time job.
Its been a month and i started getting ust to it.
I might have no time for my dear, but i'll try my best to make him when i having m off day.
This month my pay not that much than i expected, but next month will be better, i think :)
Audrey, my branch manager look strict, buy actually she so cute like a kid.
And my 2 supervisors Chris and Helen, they are so friendly.
Yeah, actually everybody at there are very friendly.
Out of so many consultants, therapists and customer service consultant - CSC, 4 singaporeans only.
Now i know why more malaysian work on these line more than local,
it because we,local people are very lazy and get too pampered le.
But now i know how to take care of my face better.

13 may i got sales party, need to look for dress which look very glam glam like oscar.
OMG !! i duno where to get dress which like oscar but on affortable price.
Than these few days i still got practice after my work which makes me feel so tired lo.
The practice is for my sales party, performance "superman" with basketball.
My dear !!
i'm meeting my hairstylist this coming fri to dye and cut my hair at JEAN YIP, woodlands with my dear :)
After that need to shop for my dress  :(
i so stress duno where to get my 'oscar' dress on 8may which is my last off day before sales party !!
and and and....
Hui ling (therapist) mum everyday morning will cook for me and some of us as our meal.
Cuz we sick and tired of outside food. and i give her mum money every month for my meal.

Feel that its been so long i update my blog, Finally here's a chance for me to touch lappie again :)
 i wanted to change my phone to Nokia E71 in white and Ipod in black.
Cuz i bought earpiece got heart-shaped and got bling bling **

Anw, i heard that sales party day there's lucky draw and the prizes are LV bags, GUCCI bags.

Actually i got alot alot things to say but i'm really tired now.
And recently didnt take any photos cuz of my laziness.
I got to go to bed, tml have a meeting with my specialists...

 *P.S. Daphne, i'm sorry that i might cant attend ur birthday celebration cuz i'm working on that day.
Sorry sorry about it. But without me, i guess you also will enjoy ur celebration??
Hmmm, anyway, i really do miss you. Thought that day go clubbing but ended up :(
Will have chance club again, chill from day to night, night to day and of cuz we cant miss our

Night, peers