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Eating Adventure With My Dear ♥ - ♥ my sweet momeries and my beautiful days ♥ [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
♥ Dawn's Blog ♥

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Eating Adventure With My Dear ♥ [Aug. 23rd, 2009|08:43 pm]
♥ Dawn's Blog ♥

a l  w a y s  b y  y o u r  s i d e  

our sweet little stuff

The choice of ice-cream for the day will be cookies and cream ♥
Can give it a try at AMK Hub Anderson's Creation.
I love the couple fondue


our japanese lunch 
i had my wakame udon and dear had his chicken with soft shell set meal

Some of my favourites
And dear gave me his steam egg :)
my pink lady soda - s w e e t

  m y  h u n g r y  l o v e  o n e
Bill !! $40plus only
Its awesome, reasonable price and gurantee full

Movies i had watch
* The always hilarious movie from jack neo - where got ghost ??
There's 3 part story, 1 of it related to the previoue movie - money not enough 2

* Orphan - a little girl called esther look like a 9 year old but indeed is a 33 year old woman.
she's from mental hospital and is a extremely violent woman.

  my dear is flying for busines trip next month the 13th, he will be back on the 1st week of oct.
i start to miss him ...

"Missing you every seconds,
My heart beats because of you,
I love you"